• How To Find A Good Therapist

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    December 15, 2020 /  Tips

    cbt-3Everyone can need some therapy, once in a while. There’s all kinds of stuff where a professional therapy can help folks, and I’m not even talking about “serious” mental conditions. And, by the way, the times are long gone where going to a therapist meant that someone is suffering from “serious” mental issues…

    No. Today, you can check by your therapist for everything from helping you with stress (who doesn’t suffer from stress in some or another way?), anxiety and worries or have relationship problems. Or if you are spoken, therapist these days can help you with all those “everyday quirks” that most of us including myself can experience.

    Now, not sure whether you are really in the know about the things. But there are all kinds of therapists. You may know about the “classic” Hollywood-style psychotherapist, those were usually on a couch, and the therapist sits right there, scribbling something down on the sheet. Thing is however that this kind of therapy isn’t that common and more.

    Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a more modern form of therapy. One of the biggest differences to traditional psychotherapy is that CBT is really the much concern about the underlying causes for your troubles. Differently spoken, a CBT therapist won’t spend much time on digging through your childhood with the goal of uncovering traumatic experiences. Instead, CBT is a what’s called “goal oriented” form of therapy that’s all about solving your problems. And if you ask me, that’s a good thing!

    One of the cornerstones of cognitive behavioural therapy is the idea that much of our everyday troubles, and how we feel and do comes from the way how we think. So what CBT does is that you learn how to change your thinking. As a result we learn to overcome stress, anxiety and other mental problems.

    Why you should choose an accredited therapist

    If you happen to be in London and looking for CBT therapists, let me assure you that you won’t have much trouble finding a whole lot of them. The problem is to find a good one that can actually help you. For this, you want to make sure that the therapist you are choosing is accredited with the BABCP.  Otherwise, since this area still pretty unregulated in the United Kingdom it may happen you get a therapist that doesn’t really know what they’re doing. There’s a good list of therapists at CBT therapists London. So if you’re in the UK, I recommend that you check these out first. A lot of them can also offer online therapy sessions, which is especially great right now with the COVOD lockdown.

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  • Today I Learned About Fire Cameras

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    October 18, 2018 /  Tips

    Today we had the pleasure to attend a tour about fire safety.

    These tours with the company are normally not exactly the most exciting thing, but this one was actually quite interesting since I was working in a related field some years ago.

    I was especially intrigued in learning about the advances in fire detection technology that had been made in the recent years. The most interesting part for me had been to learn about fire cameras because I am somewhat familiar with digital imaging.

    A fire camera is basically like a normal camera that many companies have them installed for surveillance and similar the usual purposes. Except that they have software built in for fire detection. The software is scanning the video feed in real time so it can detect fires.

    I learned that these fire detection cameras are now increasingly more used for fire detection where this has been a big problem just some years ago. They can detect fires outdoors and in places like large factories, shopping malls and so forth.

    I was especially surprised learning that these systems can work fully automatically: If they detect a fire, they can even call the fire brigade on their own and tell them the exact location where the fire is!

    So basically, these fire cameras are greatly adding to fire safety where this had been a problem not even that long ago. Not bad, if you ask me!


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  • Reclaimed Wood Furniture I Really Love

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    October 17, 2018 /  News

    Reclaimed-Wood-Coffee-Table reclaimed-mac-and-wood-table-close-up

    I show you a few pictures of the really amazing dining sets by London furniture designers. What I love most about this furniture is not only their fantastic looks but the fact that it is made from reclaimed wood.

    Unlike most other furniture you can find elsewhere, the reclaimed wood gives those creations a very unique, lively and warm note. The wood appears truly “alive” with all its natural imperfections, designer pieces I could just spend hours to look at!

    For their creations, London Designers Mac+Wood’s combine the warmth of the aged wood with brushed steel. This makes for a really fantastic combination. Would you agree?

    I think the reclaimed wood dining table makes a really good figure in any kitchen and dining area. What’s to note: Mac+Wood also makes bespoke furniture pieces aside from their standard sizes. So if you happen to have a restaurant and want those creations in other sizes they sure can help you there.

    Highly recommended!

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  • A Good Gym in East London

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    September 1, 2016 /  Tips

    personal trainer in Hackney

    I never expected that the search for a good gym here in Hackney would be so tedious! I must’ve seen about 4-5 gyms in East London, and each of them was a bigger disappointment than the other. One of the biggest gripes I had with many of the “cheap” gyms here is that not all of them have qualified personal. For me, it’s important that I have someone that I can always ask for help and advice when I am stuck. Ideally, I should be able to get a personal trainer especially when I start with routines where I don’t have a clue how to go about them.

    Many of the gyms in East London didn’t just not have personal trainers on-hand, their entire staff seemed disinterested and at times anything but friendly. This is usually when I turn around and leave 2 minutes after I enter premises. It’s all about the vibe and friendliness is extremely important to me, besides competency of course.

    Fortunately, and ultimately, my search for the “perfect” fitness gym with a good personal trainer DID pay off, so the time I invested wasn’t entirely wasted. I found a nice gym not far from here (London Fields) which in my opinion does everything “just right”.  I am with them for more than three months now and couldn’t really be happier.

    So, if you’re like me and happen to live in Hackney and are still looking for a good gym, you may want to check them out! I recommend them if you’re looking for a personal trainer here in Hackney but also because they have a nice number of courses and classes. I signed up for a Yoga class but they have a lot more so you shouldn’t have troubles finding a cool class!

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  • The Chester Literature Festival

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    September 22, 2015 /  News, Tips

    Aspiring writers should mark their calendar. The Chester Literature Festival will have a plethora of events for writers.

    The festival that will be going on from October 10 to October 25 in the city’s town hall will featuring poetry, workshops, author talks performances and much more.

    The workshops at the festival are particular interesting for all aspiring writers. There will be plenty of chances to get professional advice from orders as well as experts in the publishing industry.

    Tim Lott, the award winning novelist and leader of a Guardian novel writing masterclass will be at the festival on Saturday, October 24. His class will cover helpful topics such as the fundamentals of story writing.

    There will be opportunities to consult with’s some of the nation’s top literary agents on Saturday and the following Sunday. Among the leading literary agents present at the festival will be Conville Walsh and Carrie Kania. This can be your chance to get an expert opinion on your work!

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  • About The Singing Waiters

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    June 16, 2015 /  Entertainment, Tips

    If you never heard about the singing waiters, let me tell you a little about them.

    The Singing Waiters are probably the U.K.’s most popular surprise entertainers right now. They are very popular in London but can also be booked for gigs anywhere else in the United Kingdom. If you don’t know what surprise entertainment is, basically it’s any form of musical entertainment where singers and dancers appear at some point without people expecting them. This is highly popular right now for types of occasions like wedding receptions, birthday parties and so on. Surprise entertainment is also very popular for classy corporate entertainment.

    They are called the singing waiters because the most popular form of surprise entertainment is probably that those guys be at parties dressed up as waiters, but of course that’s not their only way to disguise themselves for their performances.

    One other, very popular form of surprise entertainment is flash mobs. Flash mobs  have the greatest effect in public places like shopping centres or a town’s main shopping square. A flash mob is a gathering of a larger number of performers that also happens entirely unexpected for everyone else. Basically it’s very much like when the secret singers perform at a party or wedding reception except that those are usually private events and a flash mob is usually done at a public place.

    The Singing Waiters are different from most other of surprise entertainers in the UK because they’re all professionally trained and come from some of the best art and music schools. This makes the singing waiters a good choice for such events where some average band simply won’t do. Think about it, how often do we get married? People often spent a fortune on their wedding and there is really no good reason to skimp on musical entertainment for such an event, wouldn’t you agree?

    With the Singing Waiters in London we finally can get true world-class surprise entertainment to any type of party or event.

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  • What Should Be Important about Your Children’s Education

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    March 17, 2015 /  Tips

    When it comes to the education of our children we take many things for granted. What most families do, they will choose a school close to their home and think that everything will be right. Most families when they choose a school do not really put a lot of effort into researching what a school offers for their children.

    This is alarming because we see that a lot of schools in the United Kingdom can be severely lacking when it comes to education standards once we take a closer look at them.

    What things should you look at before you sign your children up for a school?

    Ask them about their average class sizes. As a general rule, once a class exceeds more than 30 children you should be wary. Smaller class sizes such as with a maximum of 20 pupils would not only benefit the children but also the teachers. It’s clear that a teacher can better focus on those children who need some extra help when classes are smaller.

    Ask the school what they are offering to your children beyond their standard classes.

    How is the school when it comes to sports or music?

    If your children love sports, a school with a priority in such activities, maybe a school that has its own sporting facilities and sports team would be the much better choice.

    If your children love music and arts you should make sure that the school can offer them what they like. This could be classes such as where they can learn to play an instrument, singing classes, painting and similar.

    You should definitely not assume that any school will be equally suitable for your children. If you cannot find a good public school that can offer your children what they want or need, consider one of the many independent, private schools in the United Kingdom. The Kingshottschool, one of the best Prep Schools Hertfordshire is one of them.

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  • New Details About Upcoming “Beauty And The Beast” Movie

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    March 17, 2015 /  News, Uncategorized

    More details about upcoming Beauty and the Beast live-action have been revealed.

    The website Pop Sugar reports in an article that the movie will star Emma Watson.

    They also mention the release date for the movie as long as who else will be starring in it.

    The movie is supposed to be released in exactly 2 years, on March 17, 2013.

    As you can imagine, it will be in 3-D. According to the magazine, Disney said that they will use what they call “transformative CG magic” in the movie though it’s not clear whether the entire movie will be in CG or only part of it.

    Along with Emma Watson, the movie will star Dan Stevens, Emma Thompson and Kevin Kline.

    The movie will likely be a musical seeing that score writers Alan Menken and Sir Tim Rice are part of the team. The latter have already worked on Aladdin and The Lion King.

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