• Horse Racing Fun

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    March 31, 2016 /  Entertainment, Tips


    With two of the best British horse racing tracks close by where we live it’s no wonder that our family has always been very enthusiastic about horse racing. Me and my brother are no exception there, we both love and enjoy the races whenever we can!

    So, I was recently thinking about a “new” horse race betting strategy that would be more fun and a lot more exciting:

    If you are into horse racing like many folks, you will likely do what anyone else does: this is, betting on favourites since you obviously want to make sure that you win.

    There is just one problem with this: if you only bet on favourites, your winnings will time be rather “unspectacular”, to say the least.

    It so happens that you could well spend several years going to the track each and every weekend, bet on favourites and ultimately never win a big amount of money. Even in the long run, it’s more likely that you will get even so that your losses and wins will be about the same.

    I came to the conclusion that horse racing is a lot more fun and excitement if you bet a little more riskier. Don’t just always put your money on favourites. Take a little risk and bet on outsiders if you want to make some cash at the track.

    If you bet on outsiders you will see that the races can become a lot more exciting, let alone that your winnings will be a lot more that way. This is really a simple strategy that cannot only make you some money, it’s even more so something you can do for more fun and excitement at the racetrack. Obviously, don’t bet at all if you cannot afford to lose, but this applies to any type of gambling betting, no matter what.

    One extra tip: if you study the races for a while you will soon get an idea about what outsiders might have the best chances. This can help you to develop a strategy to win more often. In other words, you won’t rely on your luck did much.


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  • The Chester Literature Festival

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    September 22, 2015 /  News, Tips

    Aspiring writers should mark their calendar. The Chester Literature Festival will have a plethora of events for writers.

    The festival that will be going on from October 10 to October 25 in the city’s town hall will featuring poetry, workshops, author talks performances and much more.

    The workshops at the festival are particular interesting for all aspiring writers. There will be plenty of chances to get professional advice from orders as well as experts in the publishing industry.

    Tim Lott, the award winning novelist and leader of a Guardian novel writing masterclass will be at the festival on Saturday, October 24. His class will cover helpful topics such as the fundamentals of story writing.

    There will be opportunities to consult with’s some of the nation’s top literary agents on Saturday and the following Sunday. Among the leading literary agents present at the festival will be Conville Walsh and Carrie Kania. This can be your chance to get an expert opinion on your work!

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  • About The Singing Waiters

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    June 16, 2015 /  Entertainment, Tips

    If you never heard about the singing waiters, let me tell you a little about them.

    The Singing Waiters are probably the U.K.’s most popular surprise entertainers right now. They are very popular in London but can also be booked for gigs anywhere else in the United Kingdom. If you don’t know what surprise entertainment is, basically it’s any form of musical entertainment where singers and dancers appear at some point without people expecting them. This is highly popular right now for types of occasions like wedding receptions, birthday parties and so on. Surprise entertainment is also very popular for classy corporate entertainment.

    They are called the singing waiters because the most popular form of surprise entertainment is probably that those guys be at parties dressed up as waiters, but of course that’s not their only way to disguise themselves for their performances.

    One other, very popular form of surprise entertainment is flash mobs. Flash mobs  have the greatest effect in public places like shopping centres or a town’s main shopping square. A flash mob is a gathering of a larger number of performers that also happens entirely unexpected for everyone else. Basically it’s very much like when the secret singers perform at a party or wedding reception except that those are usually private events and a flash mob is usually done at a public place.

    The Singing Waiters are different from most other of surprise entertainers in the UK because they’re all professionally trained and come from some of the best art and music schools. This makes the singing waiters a good choice for such events where some average band simply won’t do. Think about it, how often do we get married? People often spent a fortune on their wedding and there is really no good reason to skimp on musical entertainment for such an event, wouldn’t you agree?

    With the Singing Waiters in London we finally can get true world-class surprise entertainment to any type of party or event.

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  • What Should Be Important about Your Children’s Education

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    March 17, 2015 /  Tips

    When it comes to the education of our children we take many things for granted. What most families do, they will choose a school close to their home and think that everything will be right. Most families when they choose a school do not really put a lot of effort into researching what a school offers for their children.

    This is alarming because we see that a lot of schools in the United Kingdom can be severely lacking when it comes to education standards once we take a closer look at them.

    What things should you look at before you sign your children up for a school?

    Ask them about their average class sizes. As a general rule, once a class exceeds more than 30 children you should be wary. Smaller class sizes such as with a maximum of 20 pupils would not only benefit the children but also the teachers. It’s clear that a teacher can better focus on those children who need some extra help when classes are smaller.

    Ask the school what they are offering to your children beyond their standard classes.

    How is the school when it comes to sports or music?

    If your children love sports, a school with a priority in such activities, maybe a school that has its own sporting facilities and sports team would be the much better choice.

    If your children love music and arts you should make sure that the school can offer them what they like. This could be classes such as where they can learn to play an instrument, singing classes, painting and similar.

    You should definitely not assume that any school will be equally suitable for your children. If you cannot find a good public school that can offer your children what they want or need, consider one of the many independent, private schools in the United Kingdom. The Kingshottschool, one of the best Prep Schools Hertfordshire is one of them.

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  • New Details About Upcoming “Beauty And The Beast” Movie

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    March 17, 2015 /  News, Uncategorized

    More details about upcoming Beauty and the Beast live-action have been revealed.

    The website Pop Sugar reports in an article that the movie will star Emma Watson.

    They also mention the release date for the movie as long as who else will be starring in it.

    The movie is supposed to be released in exactly 2 years, on March 17, 2013.

    As you can imagine, it will be in 3-D. According to the magazine, Disney said that they will use what they call “transformative CG magic” in the movie though it’s not clear whether the entire movie will be in CG or only part of it.

    Along with Emma Watson, the movie will star Dan Stevens, Emma Thompson and Kevin Kline.

    The movie will likely be a musical seeing that score writers Alan Menken and Sir Tim Rice are part of the team. The latter have already worked on Aladdin and The Lion King.

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  • You Better Look Into Ergonomic Chairs: Here is Why!

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    January 10, 2015 /  Tips

    Rather than giving you a lengthy and detailed write-up on what ergonomics is I will just keep it very simple: Ergonomics is what can make work easier.

    And if you’re talking about ergonomic furniture this means furniture that is designed so that every-day work such as working on a computer will be less strain full and less painful.

    For me as a writer, switching my comfy yet old leather desk chair for a new ergonomic chair made a huge difference. (Comfortable doesn’t necessarily always mean its optimal for our health!). While I suffered from back pains previously those are now almost completely gone ever since I replaced my chair.


    So what’s the difference between a modern ergonomic chair and a old one?

    You can usually spot ergonomic furniture because it allows that you can adjust it in many different ways. As compared to a normal desk chair you’re able to adjust the back rest, you can tilt the chair and of course you can adjust it in height. And since you can adjust it however you want it means that it will promote and support a healthy seating position and you won’t have to bend or reach that often. And if you work long hours like I do a good ergonomic desk chair this will make a big difference!

    In my opinion, a high quality ergonomic chair is more than worth it, nothing is more valuable than our health. Trying to save money by getting bargain office furniture doesn’t make a lot of sense!

    You can read more about ergonomics and how it will be beneficial here on Wikipedia.


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  • Mark Zuckerberg’s Book Club

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    January 8, 2015 /  News

    zuckerberg-book-clubIt’s sort of  ironic that it is no other than Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and owner of the largest social website on the net facebook who declared 2015 “A Year of Books”.

    Mark is now inviting users to join him in his New Year’s resolution of reading and discussing one book a fortnight. He actually founded his own book club at the start of this year.

    While some are lauding the Facebook founder’s initiative to turn off mobile devices,  to simply sit down and read a good book in silence, others are wondering about using books in such a way.

    According to them, books are not a means for self-improvement (including the element of self-congratulation). Those critics of Mark’s initiative say that reading for those reasons is really missing the point of reading.

    What do you say? Would you want to join Mark Zuckerberg’s book club? Do you think that his initiative to get people reading is a good thing or do you think it’s merely a hipster-sort-of thing because some just think it’s now “cool” to read?


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