• You Better Look Into Ergonomic Chairs: Here is Why!

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    January 10, 2015 /  Tips

    Rather than giving you a lengthy and detailed write-up on what ergonomics is I will just keep it very simple: Ergonomics is what can make work easier.

    And if you’re talking about ergonomic furniture this means furniture that is designed so that every-day work such as working on a computer will be less strain full and less painful.

    For me as a writer, switching my comfy yet old leather desk chair for a new ergonomic chair made a huge difference. (Comfortable doesn’t necessarily always mean its optimal for our health!). While I suffered from back pains previously those are now almost completely gone ever since I replaced my chair.


    So what’s the difference between a modern ergonomic chair and a old one?

    You can usually spot ergonomic furniture because it allows that you can adjust it in many different ways. As compared to a normal desk chair you’re able to adjust the back rest, you can tilt the chair and of course you can adjust it in height. And since you can adjust it however you want it means that it will promote and support a healthy seating position and you won’t have to bend or reach that often. And if you work long hours like I do a good ergonomic desk chair this will make a big difference!

    In my opinion, a high quality ergonomic chair is more than worth it, nothing is more valuable than our health. Trying to save money by getting bargain office furniture doesn’t make a lot of sense!

    You can read more about ergonomics and how it will be beneficial here on Wikipedia.


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  • Mark Zuckerberg’s Book Club

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    January 8, 2015 /  News

    zuckerberg-book-clubIt’s sort of  ironic that it is no other than Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and owner of the largest social website on the net facebook who declared 2015 “A Year of Books”.

    Mark is now inviting users to join him in his New Year’s resolution of reading and discussing one book a fortnight. He actually founded his own book club at the start of this year.

    While some are lauding the Facebook founder’s initiative to turn off mobile devices,  to simply sit down and read a good book in silence, others are wondering about using books in such a way.

    According to them, books are not a means for self-improvement (including the element of self-congratulation). Those critics of Mark’s initiative say that reading for those reasons is really missing the point of reading.

    What do you say? Would you want to join Mark Zuckerberg’s book club? Do you think that his initiative to get people reading is a good thing or do you think it’s merely a hipster-sort-of thing because some just think it’s now “cool” to read?


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