• What Should Be Important about Your Children’s Education

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    March 17, 2015 /  Tips

    When it comes to the education of our children we take many things for granted. What most families do, they will choose a school close to their home and think that everything will be right. Most families when they choose a school do not really put a lot of effort into researching what a school offers for their children.

    This is alarming because we see that a lot of schools in the United Kingdom can be severely lacking when it comes to education standards once we take a closer look at them.

    What things should you look at before you sign your children up for a school?

    Ask them about their average class sizes. As a general rule, once a class exceeds more than 30 children you should be wary. Smaller class sizes such as with a maximum of 20 pupils would not only benefit the children but also the teachers. It’s clear that a teacher can better focus on those children who need some extra help when classes are smaller.

    Ask the school what they are offering to your children beyond their standard classes.

    How is the school when it comes to sports or music?

    If your children love sports, a school with a priority in such activities, maybe a school that has its own sporting facilities and sports team would be the much better choice.

    If your children love music and arts you should make sure that the school can offer them what they like. This could be classes such as where they can learn to play an instrument, singing classes, painting and similar.

    You should definitely not assume that any school will be equally suitable for your children. If you cannot find a good public school that can offer your children what they want or need, consider one of the many independent, private schools in the United Kingdom. The Kingshottschool, one of the best Prep Schools Hertfordshire is one of them.

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  • New Details About Upcoming “Beauty And The Beast” Movie

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    March 17, 2015 /  News, Uncategorized

    More details about upcoming Beauty and the Beast live-action have been revealed.

    The website Pop Sugar reports in an article that the movie will star Emma Watson.

    They also mention the release date for the movie as long as who else will be starring in it.

    The movie is supposed to be released in exactly 2 years, on March 17, 2013.

    As you can imagine, it will be in 3-D. According to the magazine, Disney said that they will use what they call “transformative CG magic” in the movie though it’s not clear whether the entire movie will be in CG or only part of it.

    Along with Emma Watson, the movie will star Dan Stevens, Emma Thompson and Kevin Kline.

    The movie will likely be a musical seeing that score writers Alan Menken and Sir Tim Rice are part of the team. The latter have already worked on Aladdin and The Lion King.

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