• Today I Learned About Fire Cameras

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    October 18, 2018 /  Tips

    Today we had the pleasure to attend a tour about fire safety.

    These tours with the company are normally not exactly the most exciting thing, but this one was actually quite interesting since I was working in a related field some years ago.

    I was especially intrigued in learning about the advances in fire detection technology that had been made in the recent years. The most interesting part for me had been to learn about fire cameras because I am somewhat familiar with digital imaging.

    A fire camera is basically like a normal camera that many companies have them installed for surveillance and similar the usual purposes. Except that they have software built in for fire detection. The software is scanning the video feed in real time so it can detect fires.

    I learned that these fire detection cameras are now increasingly more used for fire detection where this has been a big problem just some years ago. They can detect fires outdoors and in places like large factories, shopping malls and so forth.

    I was especially surprised learning that these systems can work fully automatically: If they detect a fire, they can even call the fire brigade on their own and tell them the exact location where the fire is!

    So basically, these fire cameras are greatly adding to fire safety where this had been a problem not even that long ago. Not bad, if you ask me!


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  • Reclaimed Wood Furniture I Really Love

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    October 17, 2018 /  News

    Reclaimed-Wood-Coffee-Table reclaimed-mac-and-wood-table-close-up

    I show you a few pictures of the really amazing dining sets by London furniture designers. What I love most about this furniture is not only their fantastic looks but the fact that it is made from reclaimed wood.

    Unlike most other furniture you can find elsewhere, the reclaimed wood gives those creations a very unique, lively and warm note. The wood appears truly “alive” with all its natural imperfections, designer pieces I could just spend hours to look at!

    For their creations, London Designers Mac+Wood’s combine the warmth of the aged wood with brushed steel. This makes for a really fantastic combination. Would you agree?

    I think the reclaimed wood dining table makes a really good figure in any kitchen and dining area. What’s to note: Mac+Wood also makes bespoke furniture pieces aside from their standard sizes. So if you happen to have a restaurant and want those creations in other sizes they sure can help you there.

    Highly recommended!

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