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    June 16, 2015 /  Entertainment, Tips

    If you never heard about the singing waiters, let me tell you a little about them.

    The Singing Waiters are probably the U.K.’s most popular surprise entertainers right now. They are very popular in London but can also be booked for gigs anywhere else in the United Kingdom. If you don’t know what surprise entertainment is, basically it’s any form of musical entertainment where singers and dancers appear at some point without people expecting them. This is highly popular right now for types of occasions like wedding receptions, birthday parties and so on. Surprise entertainment is also very popular for classy corporate entertainment.

    They are called the singing waiters because the most popular form of surprise entertainment is probably that those guys be at parties dressed up as waiters, but of course that’s not their only way to disguise themselves for their performances.

    One other, very popular form of surprise entertainment is flash mobs. Flash mobsĀ  have the greatest effect in public places like shopping centres or a town’s main shopping square. A flash mob is a gathering of a larger number of performers that also happens entirely unexpected for everyone else. Basically it’s very much like when the secret singers perform at a party or wedding reception except that those are usually private events and a flash mob is usually done at a public place.

    The Singing Waiters are different from most other of surprise entertainers in the UK because they’re all professionally trained and come from some of the best art and music schools. This makes the singing waiters a good choice for such events where some average band simply won’t do. Think about it, how often do we get married? People often spent a fortune on their wedding and there is really no good reason to skimp on musical entertainment for such an event, wouldn’t you agree?

    With the Singing Waiters in London we finally can get true world-class surprise entertainment to any type of party or event.

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